Creating active citizens
with Shift Australia

Supporting every day people to create change on the issues they care about.

Trust in democracy and politicians is at an all time low. Concurrently, community engagement in activism and democracy is dwindling. Shift Australia is seeking to change that, by providing everyday people with the skills, tools, community and confidence to create change on the issues they care about.
From personal and community behaviour change, moving to broader community and systems activism, Shift Australia is equipping a new generation of active citizens.

Since 2018, I have been providing strategic advice and implementation on Shift Australia’s communications and marketing activity. 

This work has included:

- Created and implemented the organisation's first communications and engagement strategy.
- Provide ongoing strategic advice and direction to executive on engaging with our community and beyond.
- Initiated and developed the organisation's first digital lead generation effort, tapping into new demographics, communities and regions.
- Created countless pieces of content for print and digital use.

“Georgia has been integral to developing and implementing a sophisticated communications strategy that meets the needs of Shift, whilst being conscious of our limitations as a small organisation. Georgia is a fast worker with a deep understanding of how people understand and interact with content.”

- Ash Peplow-Ball, co-founder, Shift Australia

Georgia Gibson. 2019.