Eliminating youth homelessness
with Society Melbourne

Calling on the community to keep those wheels rollin’.

In Victoria, 6,000 young people experience a form of homelessness every night, it can affect anyone, can happen suddenly and for many different reasons.

So four years ago Society Melbourne, a not-for-profit founded by three young people, recognised an opportunity to use Melbourne's café and food truck culture as a solution to one of the city’s most pressing issues. 
Since its launch off the back of a crowdfunding campaign, Society Melbourne’s first social enterprise, the Crepes for Change van, has attended hundreds of events, served up thousands of crepes, and generated around $420,000 in revenue.

But after so much love, their van was starting to fall apart. So once again it was time to turn back to the community for their support.

In June and July of 2019, I delivered the communications elements of Society Melbourne's Crepes for Change crowdfunding campaign. Together, we raised 110% of the $30,000 target.

This work included:
- Creation of a campaign strategy, including key messaging angles and engagement tactics.
- Creation of a content calendar across multiple social media platforms.
- Strategic advice throughout the campaign video's concept development and final production.
- Social media content creation.

“Georgia was a big contributor to our crowdfunding campaign - she provided us with strategic advice and content that helped us get over the line. She was great to work with and added a lot to the team”. 

- Levi Fernandez, co-founder and Head of Partnerships, Society Melbourne

Georgia Gibson. 2019.