Content strategy             

        Sometimes the hardest part is finding the right words. Georgia works with brands, businesses and organisations to help them find their audience, their value and their voice, before rolling it all into a neatly packaged piece of content. 

Campaign strategy             

        A campaign can be an intense time for a brand. It has to be unique, exciting, and most importantly, drive action. Georgia brings campaigns to life, from concept to launch, from management to measurement, and has led multi award-winning campaigns.
Campaign strategy
Banyule City Council

In order to reduce waste sent to landfill and carbon emissions, the Banyule City Council is introducing a food waste service to the municipality.

Before this service launches in 2022, Banyule is trialling the service with a portion of the community.

To support with this trial, I collaborated with the team at Ellis Jones to devise a campaign strategy and engagement approach with the Banyule waste team.

This included key messaging, channel and content recommendations and an impact measurement framework.

Content strategy
CARE Australia

To achieve long term sustainability, the international aid sector must focus their efforts on appealing to younger audiences. The women’s aid charity, CARE Australia, approached Melbourne agency, Today Design, with this exact brief; create a brand activation that engages 25 to 40-year-old Australians.

I collaborated with Today Design to devise an engaging, relevant and unique brand activation. This involved research workshops with our target audience, distilling insights and developing a content and engagement strategy.

The activation will help people better connect with CARE’s work abroad and take action at home.

This work will launch publicly in 2022.
Crowdfunding campaign
For Change Co.

In Victoria, 6,000 young people experience a form of homelessness every night. In response to this unacceptable reality, three young people banded together to found the not-for-profit, For Change Co. 

The team run six social enterprise hospitality venues around Melbourne, the profits of which go straight into their training program. In 2019, For Change Co. needed to crowdfund to make much needed repairs to their beloved food truck.

In partnership with the organisation, I developed a campaign strategy including key messaging angles, engagement tactics, and created all content for the campaign’s duration.

Together, we raised 110% of the $30,000 target and the food truck is now back on the road.

“Georgia was a big contributor to our crowdfunding campaign - she provided us with strategic advice and content that helped us get over the line. She was great to work with and added a lot to the team”.
- Levi Fernandez, co-founder and Head of Partnerships, For Change Co